User Meeting 2017 Program
User Meeting 2017: Program overview

Tuesday 26.09.2017


08:30 AM Networking
Coffee and refreshments
Install GeoDict 2018 trial license (optional)

09:15 AM Talks
Welcome & Introduction
Andreas Wiegmann
(CEO of Math2Market GmbH)

09:30 AM Talks
Innovations in GeoDict 2018
Erik Glatt
(CTO of Math2Market GmbH)

10:00 AM Talks
What’s new in GeoDict 2018 for Digital Rock Physics
Jens-Oliver Schwarz
(Math2Market GmbH)

10:30 AM Talks
Analysis of Wellbore Skin Samples - Typology, Composition, Hydraulic Properties & Digital Rock Physics
Matthias Halisch

10:55 AM Break
Coffee and refreshments (15 minutes)

11:10 AM Talks
Simulation of kinetic calcite dissolution in a µCT-generated pore space
Christian Hinz

11:35 AM Talks
Analysis of pore shapes and grain shapes - from micro-CT to analytic geometric models
Tom Cvjetkovic
(Math2Market GmbH)

12:00 PM Talks
Effect of surface roughness on capillary pressure
Sven Linden
(Math2Market GmbH)

12:30 PM Brunch
Lunch (60 minutes)

01:30 PM Talks
What’s new in GeoDict 2018 for composite materials
Constantin Bauer
(Math2Market GmbH)

02:00 PM Talks
Math2Composites – A novel simulative-experimental approach for an efficient design of composites components
Tim Schmidt

02:25 PM Talks
Mean and full field simulations based on real microstructures and comparison with experimental data for UPPH
Loredana Kehrer

02:50 PM Break
Coffee and refreshments
Hands-on demonstrations (60 minutes)

03:50 PM Talks
Automatic derivation of material laws for Abaqus using GeoDict and FeelMath
Matthias Kabel

04:15 PM Talks
Machine learning-based single fiber extraction from micro-CT scans with GeoDict
Andreas Grießer
(Math2Market GmbH)

04:45 PM Networking
Moving on to photo location

05:00 PM Networking
Group photo

05:30 PM Networking
Visit the Gartenschau (optional)

07:00 PM Networking
Welcome reception and gala dinner

Wednesday 27.09.2017


08:45 AM Talks
New GeoDict modules for simulation and design of electrode materials
Ilona Glatt
(Math2Market GmbH)

09:15 AM Talks
Battery and electro-chemistry simulation
Tobias Hofmann

09:40 AM Talks
The effect of two different support microstructures of an asymmetric membrane with comparable porosities on flux
Unoaku Unije

10:05 AM Talks
Coffee and refreshments
Hands-on demonstrations (60 minutes)

11:05 AM Talks
GeoPython – How to get GeoDict to work around the clock for you
Rolf Westerteiger
(Math2Market GmbH)

11:35 AM Break
Automated structure & simulation analysis as support of the development of paper machine clothing
Stefan Probst-Schendzielorz

12:00 PM Lunch
Lunch (60 minutes)

01:00 PM Talks
New GeoDict-2018 features for filtration and a new focus in pressure filtration simulation
Mehdi Azimian
(Math2Market GmbH)

01:30 PM Talks
Simulation of the clogging of high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters
Youssef Alilou

01:55 PM Talk
Simulation-driven development and optimization of virtual filter media prototypes
Friedemann Hahn

02:20 PM Break
Coffee and refreshments (15 minutes)

02:35 PM Talks
Modeling the migration of complex contaminants into food stuff
Christoph Kirse

03:00 PM Talks
Using GeoDict to predict porosity and pore-size of additive manufactured implants for regenerative medicine
Ronny Brünler

03:25 PM Talk
Making great visuals using GeoDict
Steffen Schwichow
(Math2Market GmbH)

03:55 PM Talks
Conclusion and farewell
Andreas Wiegmann
(CEO of Math2Market GmbH)