GeoDict 2021 Workshop Day Program

GeoDict® 2021 Workshops - Topic Overview

Electrochemistry Workshop

Digital Battery Material Design for Beginners

In this workshop, it will be shown how to

  • import tomography data into GeoDict
  • analyze the geometric and transport properties of a cathode material
  • create a stochastic Digital Twin of the imported cathode
  • simulate the influence of CB distribution on the cathode
  • create a graphite anode with ElectrodeGeo

Digital Materials R&D Workshop

In this workshop, it will be shown how to

  • generate realistic structures in GeoDict
  • define and enter your own material in GeoDict’s Material Database
  • simulate small and large deformations with failure

Filtration Workshop

In this workshop, the following will be shown

  • Simulation of particulate flows through filters (whole filter with housing) with the improved GUI and the new features of the FilterDict module
  • Modeling and simulation of catalytic converters using the new features in the AddiDict module

Digital Rock Physics Workshop

In this workshop, it will be shown how to

  • perform quality control for a digital sandstone
  • carry out porosity analysis
  • simulate Mercury Intrusion Capillary Pressure (MICP)

(DRP Workshop starts directly with a segmented microstructure and we recommend to participate first in the Image Processing & Image Analysis Workshop)

Image Processing / Image Analysis Workshop

In this workshop, the use of the following tools will be shown

  • Image processing and image analysis with GeoDict
  • Image import (ROI selection, alignment, filtering)
  • Image Processing
  • Segmentation and labelling
  • Image Analysis (Pore size distributions, Grain analysis ...)

GeoPython Workshop Beginners

Automation of parameter studies using GeoPython

In this workshop, it will be shown how to

  • record and playback GeoPython macros
  • perform Parameter studies
  • Python language basics
  • access GeoDict simulation results

GeoPython Workshop Advanced

Automation of parameter studies and report generation using GeoPython

In this workshop, it will be shown how to

  • Record and extend GeoPython macros
  • perform complex parameter studies
  • access GeoDict simulation results
  • generate automatic PowerPoint reports

Visualization Workshop

Creation of impressive images and animations with GeoDict 2021

In this workshop, you will learn

  • About the new GUI features for visualization
  • to create easily impressive images for presentation materials
  • to create great videos with just a few clicks
  • to automate visualization using scripts