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GeoDict Cloud - High Performance Computing in Material Development

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Companies in many sectors of industry are under enormous pressure. They must remain competitive and bring new products to market as quickly as possible that fulfill the requirements for innovation, performance, and sustainability. The use of digital prototypes, which are developed using computer-aided modeling and simulation, can significantly reduce the time from initial concept to market-ready material.

For digital material development, high-performance computing (HPC) is becoming indispensable to meet the challenges of developing a new, high-performance material in the shortest possible time. However, companies that conduct research and development often quickly reach the limits of their local IT resources when it comes to running complex simulation computations.

This is the reason behind our intensive work with KaleidoSim on an innovative cloud concept for simulation. Based on Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing (MSCC), it processes many different new prototype materials simultaneously. Through the unlimited computing resources of the cloud simulation platform of KaleidoSim, GeoDict processes very large data sets in shortest time. The cloud user accesses the required computing power and storage capacity as needed in the development process, without the need to invest in additional computer hardware and laboratory equipment.

The GeoDict-Cloud is specifically interesting for:

  • Fast growing companies with limited computing resources.
  • Development departments that are organized in a decentralized company.
  • Companies that offer services in the field of material development and need to deal with customer requests in the shortest time possible.

Have we picked your interest? Then, feel free to contact us without obligation by e-mail to support(at) to receive further information and offers!

The GeoDict Cloud - user-friendly, demand-oriented, and safe

Cloud users upload time-consuming simulation tasks to the cloud online via a user interface, perform the calculations with GeoDict, and then download the simulation results. Whether single large runs or extensive parameter studies - simulations that would otherwise take weeks or months can be completed in a few hours or days with the unlimited resources in the cloud!

With the GeoDict Cloud, your company becomes independent of local IT resources and benefits from a high-performance system without having to invest in and manage your own HPC system.

GeoDict Cloud Workflow

We attach great importance to ensuring that our clients' data is safe from unauthorized access. Our partner KaleidoSim is a Swiss company and with its server location in the EU guarantees the highest data security in data centers certified and secured according to ISO 27001. Regular backups of customer data by means of encrypted backups, which are stored in parallel in several data centers, protect our customers from data loss even in extreme cases.

Your benefits

Reduced time to market
  • HPC power on-demand for time-consuming simulation tasks
  • Fast processing times for high flexibility in the development process
Surge in material & product quality
  • Increased simulation power by parallel computing
  • Early detection of product defects
Drop in development costs
  • Scaling of computing resources as needed
  • No investments and labor costs for additional hardware, maintenance, and security
Highest Data Security
  • Server located in the EU
  • Connection to the server via SSL encryption

Outlook: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the GeoDict Cloud

We are currently entering a development project with KaleidoSim and our partners from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). As a result, AI algorithms for the development workflow will be used in the GeoDict Cloud, significantly increasing the computing speed in MSCC and enabling an efficient digital material development for every budget.

The GeoDict Cloud with AI support is already in use and being intensively tested at five worldwide well-known companies. Would you like to be one of the first to benefit from the new features during the project as alpha tester and beta tester? Please feel free to contact us at any time by e-mail to support(at)! We greatly appreciate your interest and support!

We are happy to advise you:

Dr. Mathias Fingerle
Dr. Mathias Fingerle
Team Leader Consulting and Projects