Prediction Modules

Material analysis modules

Module Description
DiffuDict Calculates effective diffusivity and tortuosity factor.
ConductoDict Computes effective electrical and effective thermal conductivity.
FlowDict Simulates fluid flow (air, gas, water, oil, etc.), and calculates hydraulic properties such as pressure drop, viscous resistivity, and permeability.
ElastoDict Predicts effective elastic properties (Young's modulus and full elasticity tensor), compression and deformation in 3D structurmodels.
FilterDict-Media FilterDict-Element Calculates pressure drop, filter efficiency, and filter life time.
SatuDict Calculates pressure-saturation curves, capillary pressure curves, and relative permeability, relative diffusivity, relative thermal conductivity, and relative electrical conductivity by the full morphology method.
PoroDict Calculates pore structure characteristics: pore size distribution, percolation paths, surface area, three-phase contact, open and close porosity, chord length distribution, bubble point, euclidean distance transform and pore identification.
AcoustoDict Computes media-dependent acoustic absorption parameters for acoustic models.
AddiDict Simulates particle transport in a liquid flow or a gas flow through porous materials.