ExportGeo-Fluent Module

The ExportGeo-Fluent interface

The ExportGeo-Fluent module is the GeoDict interface for Fluent and exports structuremodels with the computational settings needed for CFD software Ansys-Fluent.

ExportGeo-Fluent features

ExportGeo-Fluent converts voxelized data to formats for flow and heat computations with Fluent. The *.jou and *.inp files are saved as ASCII files so that, if changes are required, they can be easily opened and edited with a text editor. Based on the voxel structure, the GeoDict software also generates an unstructured volume mesh (.msh file), as needed for Fluent.

These steps are required:

  • Import 3D-image data (ÁCT, FIG-SEM..) or create a 3D-material model with the needed material characteristics using one of the GeoDict modules for digital material design.
  • Define the solver settings needed in Fluent, and save to *.jou file with ExportGeo-Fluent.
  • Execute *.jou in Fluent.

Examples of ExportGeo-Fluent applications

Possible applications for the ExportGeo-Fluent module are:

  • to compare the results of GeoDict with Fluent.
  • to do simulations that could not be done yet with GeoDict, such as non-Newtonian flow.
    Then with ExportGeo-Fluent, the structure generated with GeoDict can be exported as *.msh file and a pre-defined Fluent journal file (*.jou) is written.

Additional GeoDict modules needed?

The ExportGeo-Fluent module needs just one of the GeoDict modules for digital material design.