GeoLab Module

GeoLab: The MATLAB® interface

GeoLab is a collection of MATLAB functions and scripts that make possible to execute GeoDict from MATLAB and to edit GeoDict simulation results within MATLAB.

GeoLab provides an easy way to link problems implemented in MATLAB with GeoDict and so automatically use many features already existing in GeoDict. An example is PleatLab, developed by the Fraunhofer ITWM and the University of Nancy for a project on deep-bed filtration in filter pleats.

GeoLab is included in the GeoDict-Base package
that is part of every GeoDict license.

In a way similar to the GeoDict modules, GeoLab is organized in folders. All files to control GeoDict from MATLAB are collected in BaseLab, and GufLab is a library of available functions to work with GDRs (GeoDict result files) and GUFs (GeoDict universal files).

Included application examples:

  • Rescaling of flow fields: change of the fluid.
  • Analysis of fiber diameter distribution in a structure generated with FiberGeo.
  • Creation a master-GDR, which summarizes the results of a parameter study.
  • and much more.