ImportGeo Module

The ImportGeo-CAD interface

The ImportGeo-CAD module is used to import geometrical models in CAD format (*.stl) and, so, make possible to transform a CAD model into a GeoDict voxel (3d pixel) structure. The final aim is to use GeoDict simulation capabilities on CAD models.

ImportGeo-Vol can also be of interest - The GeoDict® interface to import three-dimensional images from micro-CT's and FIB-SEM's.

ImportGeo-CAD features

Before importing, parameters may be modified, such as the discretization step size (voxel length), the origin of the geometry, or the unit length (meter, millimeter, micrometer). The user may choose between importing only voxels (3d pixels), only surface, or both voxels and surface. Once the stl surface is loaded, various CAD-features are turned on, such as view triangulation, faces, points, and transparency mode.

Examples of ImportGeo-CAD applications

CAD prototypes of parts may be imported in GeoDict to apply a flow or mechanical properties simulation or analyze material properties related to the geometry.

Additional GeoDict modules needed?

GeoDict modules that are often used in combination with ImportGeo-CAD: