ImportGeo Module

The ImportGeo-Vol interface

The module ImportGeo-Vol is used to import three-dimensional images of real objects and prepare them for further analysis in the GeoDict software.

In the ImportGeo-Vol process, images captured through various techniques (such as microcomputed tomography or FIB/SEM) are imported, qualitatively improved through image-processing steps, and then segmented.

ImportGeo-Vol creates three-dimensional geometric models, which are well-suited to perform simulations, characterization and modelling on them.

The ImportGeo-CAD module can also be of interest - The GeoDict® interface to import CAD file formats.

Imported composite PA66 GF50 of a engine bearer

ImportGeo-Vol features

With the ImportGeo-Vol interface, in addition to the widely used three-dimensional image formats:

  • *.raw (generic 3D field image file),
  • *.vol (generic 3D field image file),
  • *.vgi (Volume Graphics),
  • *.rek (Fraunhofer EZRT volume data).
  • *.am (Avizo binary file)

also images such as:

  • 8-bit images in various image formats (*.png, *.tif, *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg, ...) or
  • 16-bit grayscale value-images (*.tif)

can be imported into the GeoDict software.

The imported images can be processed using various image processing capabilities. The captured images can be optimized through automatic alignment and equalization or by the application of image processing filters (smoothing and sharpening filter, non-local means filter...).
One or more phases in the images can be segmented by manual or automatic threshold methods (OTSU, K-means-...).

From the ÁCT to the 3D modell and finally to unmatched precise simulations

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