Digital Models for Additive Manufacturing

In GeoDict, both strut-based and surface-based lattice structures can be modeled

In additive manufacturing processes such as selective laser sintering or direct metal laser sintering, it is not only the selection of the right material that plays an important role but also the structure inside the part. Lattice structures are often used here, such as strut-based or surface-based lattices. A lattice structure offers a number of advantages:

  • weight reduction
  • improved mechanical properties
  • physical properties, such as thermal and electrical properties, can be tailored to your application
  • flow properties can be optimized



In GeoDict, you can generate fully parameterized, three-dimensional models of a variety of lattice structures and perform topology optimization tailored to your application.

Authors and application specialists

Dr.-Ing. Martina Hümbert

Senior Business Manager
for Digital Materials R&D

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Rimmel

Business Manager
for Digital Materials R&D

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Strut based lattices

Surface-based lattices: triply periodic minimal surfaces

GeoDict® for Additive Manufacturing Processes

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