Overview of the GeoDict-Cloud solutions

High Performance Computing in material development

Companies in many sectors of industry are facing enormous challenges. They must remain competitive and bring new products to market as quickly as possible that fulfill the requirements for innovation, performance, and sustainability. The use of digital prototypes, which are developed using computer-aided modeling and simulation, can significantly reduce the time from initial concept to market-ready material.

For digital material development, high-performance computing (HPC) is becoming indispensable to meet the challenges of developing a new, high-performance material in the shortest possible time. However, companies that conduct research and development often quickly reach the limits of their local IT resources when it comes to running complex simulation computations.

We understand your needs in this new era of digital material design: Math2Market is offering cloud-based solutions for HPC. Depending on your individual challenges, we have the right product for you.

Why go to the Cloud?
Cost, Time, Sustainability

"We need to improve on our CO2 balance. Our upper management asks us to get rid of all local hardware"
- Division Manager -

"At the moment, we need 12 months to design a new product - our management wants us to reduce it to 3 months"
- Head of Research & Development -

"These simulation would run for 3 weeks, but i need the results next Tuesday"
- Engineer -

The GeoDict-Cloud is specifically interesting for:

  • Fast growing companies with limited computing resources.
  • Development departments that are organized in a decentralized company.
  • Companies that offer services in the field of material development and need to deal with customer requests in the shortest time possible.

You are interested in the GeoDict-Cloud solutions? Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with more information!

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