The innovative and easy-to-use material simulator GeoDict is the most complete software solution for multi-scale 3D image processing, modeling of materials, visualization, material property characterization, simulation-based material development, and optimization of processes.

Whether for newly-designed or existing materials, computer-based simulations provide qualitative and quantitative understanding of geometric and physical properties of materials. Some of the properties assessed by simulation are extremely difficult - even impossible - to measure in the laboratory. Frequently, a laboratory test destroys the sample and makes it unavailable for the analysis of other properties. Thus, the use of simulations complements and completes laboratory measurements, contributing not only detailed information but also new insights.

Experiences of our GeoDict users

Over 350 universities, research institu- tes, and large companies from various industries worldwide use GeoDict to develop innovative materials and optimize their material analysis and development processes.


More than 350 clients worldwide.