Additive Manufacturing Processes Simulated with GeoDict®

More flexibility in the development of components

Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes such as selective laser sintering - or melting, stereolitography, and binder jetting are used to produce prototypes and components. In the development of components, these AM processes offer unimagined freedom, not achievable through traditional manufacturing processes.

Being able to design the topology of the mesostructure of the components - by using lattice structures, for example - is of great importance to exploit the possibilities of AM.


The GeoDict software offers a wide range of support during development:

  • Import of µCT scans
  • Analysis of pore space and solid phase
  • Modeling of Digital Twins
  • Determination of physical properties, such as permeability and tortuosity, and electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Simulation of flow and saturation processes
  • Prediction of stiffness tensor
  • Digital parameter studies

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GeoDict for Additive Manufacturing Processes

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More Information

The GeoDict Solution for Additive Manufacturing

Added to GeoDict Base, the GeoDict package for AM includes all the necessary modules for the Research & Development of materials produced by means of Additive Manufacturing.

Module recommendations

Image Processing and Image Analysis ImportGeo-Vol          
Material Analysis  GrainFind-AI FiberFind-AI PoroDict + MatDict      
Modeling & Design GridGeo FiberGeo GrainGeo WeaveGeo GridGeo  
Simulation & Prediction DiffuDict ConductoDict FlowDict ElastoDict AddiDict SatuDict

Suitable modules may vary and depend on the specific application.