The challenge: adjusting the basis weight, fiber diameter, length and curvature, as well as the pore space, in order to optimize both the mechanical properties and the flow characteristics.

Nonwovens are textile, flat structures that are not produced by weaving or knitting, but obtain their cohesion through thermal, chemical or mechanical bonding. It is impossible to imagine everyday life and any industry that does not involve nonwovens. They are used in a wide variety of applications, such as hygiene products, surgical drapes or plasters in medical technology, seat cushions in the automotive industry, drainage layers or carpet supports in construction, in the clothing industry, and in various other technical applications.

Based on their manufacturing process, nonwovens can be divided into:

  • Meltblown nonwovens and spunbonded nonwovens.
  • Staple fiber nonwovens.
  • Wet nonwovens.

Mainly, thermoplastic polymers or natural fibers are used in nonwovens and their characteristics have a great influence on the properties of the nonwoven. Nonwovens can be adapted to their application in a variety of ways. To this end, optimization of the microstructure of the nonwoven at the filament or fiber level is of great advantage.

Here, the GeoDict software performs:

  • Analysis of µCT scans of the nonwoven.
  • Complete analysis of fiber parameters after the identification of each individual fiber through Artificial Intelligence.
  • Exhaustive analysis of the pore space.
  • Generation of three-dimensional models of the nonwoven, through input of important features such as fiber cross-section, layer structure, bonding points...
  • Determination and prediction of properties of the nonwoven, such as behavior under mechanical load, permeability, tensile and flexural stiffness and thermal conductivity.
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GeoDict for Nonwoven

The GeoDict solution for nonwoven

In addition to GeoDict Base, the GeoDict package includes all necessary modules for the Research & Development of nonwovens.

Module recommendations

Image Processing & Analysis ImportGeo-Vol          
Characterization & Analysis GrainFind-AI FiberFind-AI PoroDict + MatDict      
Modeling & Design GrainGeo FiberGeo GrainFind-AI WeaveGeo    
Simulation & Prediction DiffuDict ConductoDict FlowDict ElastoDict AddiDict SatuDict

Which modules are the best fit for you depends on the nature of your application.