System Requirements for GeoDict

GeoDict can be used on a wide variety of hardware and operating system configurations, from mobile workstations or shared memory workstations to high-performance computing clusters.

Software Recommendations

Operating systems

Microsoft® Windows® 10 Home / Pro (64 bit) für Current Business Branch

Math2Market GmbH guarantees that the current GeoDict release is always compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10 Home / Pro (64 bit) für Current Branch for Business (CBB)

Find here more information about our Ready-for-Windows promise

Linux (64 bit) with glibc 2.12

The best performance is achieved by GeoDict's high-performance version for 64-bit Linux-parallel computers.


Math2Market GmbH recommends the following browsers to access additional content, such as user manuals and tutorials:

  • Google Chrome™
  • Mozilla® Firefox®
  • Opera
  • Microsoft® Edge

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Hardware Recommendations


Required :    64-bit Intel® or AMD® Single-core processor with SSE2 instruction set
Recommended :    64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor with SSE2 instruction set

The use on multi-core systems with a lot of main memory enables efficient modelling and simulation of extremely large and therefore relevant morphologies.
Whether on single workstations with multi-core processors or over distributed computer systems with the Message Passing Interface (MPI), you benefit from GeoDict's scalability.

Graphics hardware

Required :    Intel Iris HD500 (Intgrated Graphics Card on Intel i-Cores)
Recommended :    GeForce 1000 Series

GeoDict's graphical user interface (GUI) requires a graphics card and an operating system that supports OpenGL 2.
To use the neural networks of FiberFind you need a graphics card from NVIDIA® with Cuda® cores.


Required :    4 GB
Recommended :    minimum 16 GB

The available RAM determines the size of the structures which can be edited with GeoDict. For more information we have compiled a Recommended Systems Table.

Disk space

Required :    1 GB for the GeoDict installation
Recommended :    At least 1 TB for the storage of simulation results

GeoDict itself requires about 1 GB of disk space. To be able to perform large experiments, such as filter life time experiments with FilterDict, or to store many results from different experiments, GeoDict needs more memory to store the result files.

Recommended RAM configurations

We recommend the following configurations based on the available budget, but do not sell the hardware.
Together with our hardware partner Delta Computer we created the configurations below.

Budget (€) Cores RAM (GB) Graphics RAM (GB) Visualization (in Voxel) Simulations (in Voxel)
~ 1.500 4 (1x 4) 32 DDR4 1 GB ~ 1 billion ~ 0.5 billion
~ 7.000 16 (2x 8) 256 DDR4 2 GB ~ 9 billion ~ 3 billion
~ 18.000 36 (2x18) 512 DDR4 2 GB ~ 17 billion ~ 6 billion
~ 30.000 40 (4x10) 1024 DDR4 2 GB ~ 34 billion ~ 12 billion
~ 72.000 60 (4x15) 3072 DDR4 2 GB ~ 103 billion ~ 36 billion
On request Cluster Cluster - 32 Mio / GB 12 Mio / GB
Hardware S M L XL XXL
Anbieter OCTO-IT Delta Computer Delta Computer - -

1x AMD Ryzen 9
3950X 16 Kerne / 32 Threads

105W, 3.5GHz, 64MB
L3 Cache

Turbo Mode max. 4.7GHz,
bis zu 3200MHz DDR4

1x AMD EPYC 7302P
16-Core CPU

155W, 3.00GHz,
128MB L3 Cache

DDR4-3200, Turbo Core
max. 3.30GHz, bis AVX2

2x AMD EPYC 7F52
16-Core CPU

240W, 3.50GHz,
256MB L3 Cache

DDR4-3200, Turbo Core
max. 3.90GHz, bis AVX2

- -
PC3200 DDR4 (64GB)
256GB (8x 32GB)
DDR4-3200 DIMM,
512GB (16x 32GB)
DDR4-3200 DIMM,
- -

970 EVO Plus 500GB

1 x SEAGATE 3.5"

1x SSD 250GB SATA3,
Crucial MX500

6x HDD 4TB SATA3, 24x7,
7,2k RPM, HGST/WD Ultrastar

1x SSD 250GB SATA3,
Crucial MX500

6x HDD 4TB SATA3, 24x7,
7,2k RPM, HGST/WD Ultrastar

- -
1x NVIDIA GeForce
RTX 3070, 8GB
1x NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070,
8GB, Blower Design
- -