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2024 15. January 2024

Influence of elevated temperature and gas atmosphere on coke abrasion resistance. Part one: Pilot oven cokes

Fuel, Vol. 356, 129517

H. Lomas, R. Roest, R. Sakurovs, H. Wu, Z. Jiang, S. Khoshk Rish, B. Brooks, T. Hill, A. Anderson, A. Edwards, M. R. Mahoney, A. Tahmasebi
2023 01. November 2023

Semi-empirical equation for determining the pressure drop of nanofibers

Separation and Purification Technology, Vol 324, 124585

D.-B. Kwak, S. Lee, Z. Pan, Y. Liang, H. Lee, D. Y.H. Pui
2023 15. September 2023

Microstructural parameters governing the mechanical stress and conductivity of all-solid-state lithium-ion-battery cathodes

Journal of Energy Storage, Vol 68, 107784

F. Al-Jaljouli, R. Mücke, P. Kaghazchi, Y. J. Sohn, M. Finsterbusch, D. Fattakhova-Rohlfing, O. Guillon
2023 15. September 2023

High rate, high temperature, dendrite free plating/stripping of Li in 3-dimensional honeycomb boron carbon nitride to realize an ultrastable lithium metal anode

Journal of Energy Storage, Vol 68, 107547

A. Patrike, I. Karbhal, K. Wasnik, A. Torris, A. Maibam, S. Krishnamurty, M. V. Shelke
2023 15. August 2023

Micro embossing of graphite-based anodes for lithium-ion batteries to improve cell performance

Journal of Energy Storage, Vol 65

J. Sandherr, M.-J. Kleefoot, S. Nester, C. Weisenberger, A.K.M. DeSilva, D. Michel, S. Reeb, M. Fingerle, H. Riegel, V. Knoblauch
2023 03. August 2023

Mesoscopic Model of Extrusion during Solvent-Free Li-Ion Battery Electrode Manufacturing

ChemRxiv, Energy

B. Paredes-Goyes, F. M. Zanotto, V. Boudeville, S. Grugeon, L. Dupont, A. A. Franco
2023 03. August 2023

Bifunctional Activated Carbon Ultrathin Fibers: Combining the Removal of VOCs and PM in One Material

Advanced Fiber Materials

H. Wang, D. Zu, X. Jiang, Y. Xu, Z. Cui, P. Du, Z. Cheng, Z. Li, L. Li, C. Yang, X. Bai, B. Zhang, Y. Zhou, K. Wang, B. Li, Z. Huang, L. Zhao, B. Li, H. Wu
2023 02. August 2023

Digital materials design of solid oxide fuel cell anodes

University of Fribourg, Dissertation

P. Marmet
2023 01. August 2023

Unraveling the Significance of Li+/e-/O2 Phase Boundaries with a 3D-Patterned Cu Electrode for Li–O2 Batteries

Advanced Functional Materials, 2303059

G. Hyun, M. Park, G. Bae, J.-W. Chung, Y. Ham, S. Cho, S. Jung, S. Kim, Y. M. Lee, Y.-M. Kang, S. Jeon
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