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2022 01. September 2022

Two-phase flow dynamics at the interface between GDL and gas distributor channel using a pore-network model

Transport in Porous Media, Vol 144(2), 429-458 - Open access

C. Michalkowski, M. Veyskarami, C. Bringedal, R. Helmig, V. Schleper
2022 01. September 2022

Microstructural investigation of sea ice and imaging of oil in sea ice by X-ray micro-computed tomography

Doctoral Thesis, Open access, Faculty of Engineering / Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

M.L. Salomon
2022 26. August 2022

Numerical simulation of particle retention mechanisms at the sub-pore scale

Transport in Porous Media, Preprint, Online August 26

S. Sadeghnejad, F. Enzmann, M. Kersten
2022 23. August 2022

Observation of water droplets in microporous layers for polymer electrolyte fuel cells by X-ray computed nano-tomography

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, Vol 29, 1-7 - Open access

S. Yamaguchi, S. Kato, W. Yoshimune, D. Setoyama, A. Kato, Y. Nagai, T. Suzuki, A. Takeuchi, K. Uesugi
2022 22. August 2022

Comparative analysis between laboratory measurement and numerical simulation to evaluate anisotropy in Coquinas from Morro do Chaves Fm. – A Brazilian pre-salt analog

Conference Paper, International Meeting for Applied Geoscience & Energy, SEG-AAPG, 2338-2342 - Open access

L. Oliveira, A. Martins, M. Ceia, R. Missagia, H. Rocha, N. Santarém, J. Moreira, I. Lima Neto
2022 22. August 2022

Microstructural modeling and simulation of a carbon black-based conductive polymer - A template for the virtual design of a composite material

ACS Omega, Online August 11, 631-642 - Open access

Y. Wang, Ch. Xu, T. Jahnke, W. Verestek, S. Schmauder, J.P. Spatz
2022 22. August 2022

Solid electrolyte-cathode interface dictates reaction heterogeneity and anode stability

ACS - Applied Materials and Interfaces, Online August 22

K.G. Naik, D. Chatterjee, P.P. Mukherjee
2022 22. August 2022

Mesoscale machine learning analytics for electrode property estimation

ACS - Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Online August 22

V. Kabra, B. Birn, I. Kamboj, V. Augustyn, P.P. Mukherjee
2022 12. August 2022

Unexpected pressure effects on sulfide-based polymer-in-ceramic solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries

Nano Energy, Vol 102, 107679

H. Choi, M. Kim, H. Lee, S. Jung, Y.-G. Lee, Y.M. Lee, K.Y. Cho
2022 10. August 2022

Predicting effective thermal conductivity of thermal interface materials using machine learning

2022 23rd International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology (ICEPT), 10-13 August 2022, 1-4

X. Lu, N. Cheng, J. Lu, S. Rong
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