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2023 01. August 2023

Image Based Methodologies, Workflows, and Calculation Approaches for Tortuosity

Springer Series in Materials Science, Vol 333, 91-159

L. Holzer, P. Marmet, M. Fingerle, A. Wiegmann, M. Neumann, V. Schmidt
2023 22. July 2023

Systematic Workflow for Efficient Identification of Local Representative Elementary Volumes Demonstrated with Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Microstructures

Batteries 2023, Vol 9, Iss 7, 390

B. Kellers, M. P. Lautenschlaeger, N. Rigos, J. Weinmiller, T. Danner, A. Latz
2023 19. July 2023

Ultrafast-sintered self-standing LLZO membranes for high energy density lithium garnet solid-state batteries

Cell Reports Physical Science, Vol 4, 101473

H. Zhang, R. Dubey, M. Inniger, F. Okur, R. Wullich, A. Parrilli, D. T. Karabay, A. Neels, K. V. Kravchyk, M. V. Kovalenko
2023 13. July 2023

Minkowski functional evaluation of representative elementary volume of rock microtomography images at multiple resolutions

Advances in Water Resources, In Press, 104501

S. Sadeghnejad, M. Reinhardt, F. Enzmann, P. Arnold, B. Brandstätter, F. Wilde, S. Hupfer, T. Schäfer, M. Kersten
2023 11. July 2023

Optimizing the Composite Cathode Microstructure in All-Solid-State Batteries by Structure-Resolved Simulations

Batteries & Supercaps, 2023, e202300167

M. Clausnitzer, R. Mücke, F. Al-Jaljouli, S. Hein, M. Finsterbusch, T. Danner, D. Fattakhova-Rohlfing, O. Guillon, A. Latz
2023 03. July 2023

Study of the solidification behaviour of calcium chloride hexahydrate by in-situ X-ray computed tomography

European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT) 2023

J. Martinez-Garcia, D. Gwerder, D. Guarda, B. Fenk, A. Stamatiou, J. Wortlicheck, P. Schuetz
2023 01. July 2023

Prediction of anisotropic foam stiffness properties by a Neural Network

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Vol 249, 108245

P. Gahlen, R. Mainka, M. Stommel
2023 29. June 2023

Toward Achieving High Areal Capacity in Silicon-Based Solid-State Battery Anodes: What Influences the Rate-Performance?

ACS Energy Letters, Vol 8, 3196-3203

M. Rana, Y. Rudel, P. Heuer, E. Schlautmann, C. Rosenbach, M. Y. Ali, H. Wiggers, A. Bielefeld, W. G. Zeier
2023 15. June 2023

A dual-geometry pore-size-resolved model to predict deep-bed loading in a wall-flow filter

Separation and Purification Technology, Vol 315, 123658

W. Chen, Q. Ou, X. Liu, M. Maricq, Z. Pan, D. Kittelson, D.Y.H. Pui
2023 07. June 2023

Reusable and Biodegradable Separation Membranes Prepared from Common Mushrooms for the Removal of Oily and Particulate Contaminants from Water

ACS - Applied Bio Materials, 6 (6), 2345-2357

J. Oh, H. Park, J. Kim, Y. Park
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