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2023 01. June 2023

Predictions of Relative Permeability and Fractional Flow on Log Scale – Pilot Projects Results

84th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition, Vol 2023, 1-5

G. Burmester, A. Jones, H. Jurcic, O. Amrollahinasab, P. Arnold, H. Ott
2023 31. May 2023

Numerical Design of Microporous Carbon Binder Domains Phase in Composite Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries

ACS - Applied Materials and Interfaces, Online May 31

R. Ge, A. M. Boyce, Y. Sun, P. R. Shearing, P. S. Grant, D. J. Cumming, R. M. Smith
2023 23. May 2023

Acquisition of Key Vacuum-Assisted Resin Transfer Molding Parameters through Reverse Scanning for Application in the Manufacturing of Large Fiber-Reinforced-Plastic Products

International Journal of Polymer Science, Vol 2023, Article ID 7927196

G.-M. Luo, K.-L. Chen, C.-T. Hsu
2023 16. May 2023

Multiscale optimization of the viscoelastic behavior of short fiber reinforced composites

International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design (2023)

J. Marr, L. Zartmann, D. Reinel-Bitzer, H. Andrä, R. Müller
2023 15. May 2023

Soft, strong, and breathable polylactic acid/polyethylene glycol microfibrous membranes with a fluffy alignment structure for skin contactor

Textile Research Journal 2023, 0(0)

H. Zhang, Q. Zhen, Y. Cao, Y. Gan, Z. Yang, X. Qian
2023 11. May 2023

Homogenizing elastic properties of large digital rock images by combining CNN

R. Ahmad, M. Liu, M. Ortiz, T. Mukerji, W. Cai

R. Ahmad, M. Liu, M. Ortiz, T. Mukerji, W. Cai
2023 29. April 2023

Digital-Twin-Driven Diagnostics of Crack Propagation in a Single LiNi0.7Mn0.15Co0.15O2 Secondary Particle during Lithium Intercalation

Advanced Energy Materials, 2204328

J. Song, S.-H. Lim, K.-G. Kim, N. Umirov, H. Lee, C. B. Dzakpasu, J. Lim, J. Nam, J. Park, J.-N. Lee, H. Munakata, K. Kanamura, S.-S. Kim, Y. M. Lee
2023 28. April 2023

Insights into Oxygen Transport Properties of Partially Saturated Gas Diffusion Layers for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

ACS Energy & Fuels, Article ASAP

W. Yoshimune, S. Yamaguchi, S. Kato
2023 18. April 2023

High particulates filtration efficiency with on-wall coated Gasoline Particulate Filter catalyst

Topics in Catalysis, Online April 18

T. Ueda, H. Kurihara, S. Akita, Y. Nagai, R. Myochi, K. Horii, N. Munakata, T. Wakayabashi
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