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2023 15. March 2023

Impact of virus filter pore size / morphology on virus retention behavior

Journal of Membrane Science, Vol 670, 121335

K.P. Russell, A.L. Zydney, E.D. Gomez
2023 06. March 2023

Data-driven thermal and percolation analyses of 3D composite structures with interface resistance

Materials & Design, Vol 227, 111746, Open access

M. Fathidoost, Y. Yang, M. Oechsner, B-X. Xu
2023 03. March 2023

Intermediate-stage sintered LLZO scaffolds for Li-garnet solid-state batteries

Advanced Energy Materials, Vol 13, 2203509, Open access

F. Okur, H. Zhang, D.T. Karabay, K. Muench, A. Parrilli, A. Neels, W. Dachraoui, M.D. Rossell, C. Cancellieri, L.P.H. Jeurgens, K.V. Kravchyk, M.V. Kovalenko
2023 28. February 2023

Computational Fluid Dynamics-Based Optimization of Face Mask Filter Media Using Micro-Computed Tomography Scans

Chemical Engineering & Technology, Open access

S. Berger, M. Azimian, P. Eichheimer, D. Hoch, L. Cheng, J. Niessner
2023 27. February 2023

Partial melting in polycrystalline ice: Pathways identified in 3D neutron tomographic images

EGUsphere, Preprint repository, Online February 27

Ch.J.L. Wilson, M. Peternell, F. Salvemini, V. Luzin, F. Enzmann, O. Moravcova, N.J.R. Hunter
2023 23. February 2023

3D electrochemical-mechanical battery simulation tool: Implementation with full cell simulations and verification with Operando X-ray tomography

Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol 170, Number 2, Open access

N. Wenzler, S. Rief, S. Linden, F. Biebl, S. Rütsche, I. Glatt, A. Streit, R. Zahn, M. Fingerle, V. Wood
2023 22. February 2023

Hierarchical construction of CNT networks in aramid papers for high-efficiency microwave absorption

Nano Research, 2023, Open access

Y. Wu, L. Chen, Y. Han, P. Liu, H. Xu, G. Yu, Y. Wang, T. Wen, W. Ju, J. Gu
2023 15. February 2023

Toward understanding catalyst layer deposition processes and distribution in anodic porous transport electrodes in Proton Exchange Membrane water electrolyzers

Advanced Energy Materials, 2203636, Open access

M. Bierling, D. McLaughlin, B. Mayerhöfer, S. Thiele
2023 15. February 2023

Quantitative assessment of machine-learning segmentation of battery electrode materials for active material quantification

Journal of Power Sources, Vol 557, 232503, Open access

J.J. Bailey, A. Wade, A.M. Boyce, Y.Sh. Zang, D.J.L. Brett, P.R. Shearing
2023 09. February 2023

Electron tomography unravels new insights into fiber cell wall nanostructure; exploring 3D macromolecular biopolymeric nano-architecture of spruce fiber secondary walls

Scientific Reports - Nature portfolio, Vol 13(1), 2350, Open access

D. Fernando, M. Kowalczyk, P. Guindos, M. Auer, G. Daniel
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