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2023 03. February 2023

Volumetric quantification of melting and solidification of phase change materials by in-situ X-ray computed tomography

Journal of Energy Storage, Vol 61, 106726, Open access

J. Martinez-Garcia, D. Gwerder, F. Wahli, D. Guarda, B. Fenk, A. Stamatiou, J. Worlitschek, Ph. Schuetz
2023 01. February 2023

A modular and automated serial section collection system for ultramicrotomy and subsequent imaging

Microscopy & Microanalysis, Vol 29(1), 212-218, Open access

T. Böhm, P. Felfer, S. Thiele
2023 01. February 2023

Materials processing model-driven discovery framework for porous materials using machine learning and genetic algorithm: A focus on optimization of permeability and filtration efficiency

Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol 453(1), 139540

T. Yasuda, S. Ookawara, S. Yoshikawa, H. Matsumoto
2023 25. January 2023

Rapid reconstruction of 3-D membrane pore structure using a single 2-D micrograph

ArXiv - Cornell University, Condensed Matter - Materials, Science, arXiv.2301.10601, Open access

H. Chamani, A. Rabbani, K.P. Russell, A.L. Zydney, E.D. Gomez, J. Hattrick-Simpers, J.R. Werber
2023 20. January 2023

Bilayer dense-porous Li7La3Zr2O12 Mmmbranes for high-performance Li-Garnet Solid-State Batteries

Advanced Science, 2205821, Open access

H. Zhang, F. Okur, C. Cancellieri, L.P.H. Jeurgens, A. Parrilli, D.T. Karabay, M. Nesvadba, S. Hwang, A. Neels, M.V. Kovalenko, K.V. Kravchyk
2023 15. January 2023

Forced imbibition and uncertainty modeling using the morphological method

Advances in Water Resources, Vol 172, Online January 15, 104381, Open access

P. Arnold, M. Dragovits, S. Linden, Ch. Hinz, H. Ott
2023 06. January 2023

Deep learning based prediction of fibrous microstructure permeability

Proceedings of the 20th European Conference on Composite Materials: Composites, Meet Sustainability, Vol 4 - Modeling and Prediction, 807-814

B. Caglar, G.C. Broggi, M.A. Ali, L. Orgéas, V. Michaud
2023 06. January 2023

Benchmark exercise on image-based permeability determination of engineering textiles: microscale predictions

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Online January 6, 107397

E. Syerko, T. Schmidt, D. May, C. Binetruy, S.G. Advani, S. Lomov, L. Silva, S. Abaimov, N. Aissa, I. Akhatov, M. Ali, N. Asiaban, G. Broggi, J. Bruchon, B. Caglar, H. Digonnet, J. Dittman, S. Drapier, A. Endruweit, A. Guilloux, R. Kandinskii, et al.
2023 01. January 2023

Advanced data analysis

High-Temperature Electrolysis, IOP Science, W. Sitte, R. Merkle (Editors), Chapter 9, 9-1 to 9-24

D. Klotz, S. Dierickx, J. Joos, A. Weber
2022 30. December 2022

3D analysis of ceramic powder sintering by synchrotron X-ray nano-tomography

Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Vol 43, Issue 6, 2553-2563, Online December 30

A.M. Venkatesh, D. Bouvard, P. Lhuissier, J. Villanova
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