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2022 23. November 2022

Impact of fiber diameter polydispersity on the permeability of fibrous media

Chemical Engineering Science, Vol 262, 117984

J.-M. Tucny, L. Spreutels, F. Drolet, S. Leclaire, F. Bertrand, D. Vidal
2022 22. November 2022

Accounting for viscoelastic effects in a multiscale fatigue model for the degradation of the dynamic stiffness of short-fiber reinforced thermoplastics

Computational Mechanics, Online November 22, Open access

N. Magino, J. Köbler, H. Andrä, F. Welschinger, R. Müller, M. Schneider
2022 21. November 2022

Synergistic halide-sulfide hybrid solid electrolytes for Ni-rich cathodes design guided by Digital Twin for All-Solid-State Li batteries

Energy Storage Materials, Vol 55, 193-204, Online November 21

J.S. Kim, S. Jung, H. Kwak, J. Han, S. Kim, J. Lim, Y.M. Lee, Y.S. Jung
2022 18. November 2022

Development and Analysis of Numerical Simulation Methods for Lithium-Ion Battery Degradation

Fraunhofer Verlag, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Dissertation

F. Schneider
2022 08. November 2022

3D-braided poly-e-caprolactone-based scaffolds for ligament tissue engineering

Journal of Functional Biomaterials, Vol 13, 230, Open access

C. Emonts, D. Wienen, B. Bauer, A. Idrissi, Th. Gries
2022 01. November 2022

Oxygen bubble transport in a porous transport layer of polymer electrolyte water electrolyzer

Journal of Power Sources, Vol 553, 232322

D.H. Jeon, S. Kim, M. Kim, Ch. Lee, H-S. Cho
2022 31. October 2022

Porous covalent organic polymer coordinated single co-site nanofibers for efficient oxygen-reduction cathodes in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

Advanced Materials, Vol 35(1), 2208661

B. Yang, Q. Han, L. Han, Y. Leng, Th. O'Carroll, X. Yang, G. Wu, Z. Xiang
2022 26. October 2022

Terahertz imaging for non-destructive porosity measurements of carbonate rocks

Scientific Reports-Nature Research, Vol 12, Article 18018, Open access

J. Bouchard, S.L. Eichmann, H. Ow, M. Poitzsch, D.T. Petkie
2022 25. October 2022

CuMOF-decorated biodegradable nanofibrous membrane: facile fabrication, high-efficiency filtration/separation and effective antibacterial property

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol 114, 475-482

H. Wu, Q. Geng, Y. Li, Y. Song, J. Chu, R. Zhou, X. Ning, S. Dong, D. Yuan
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