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2022 22. October 2022

Effect of the Fibre Diameter Polydispersity on the Permeability of Nonwoven Filter Media

The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Online October 22

D. Thomas, N. Bardin-Monnier, A. Charvet
2022 20. October 2022

Digital Twin preparation and hydro-mechanical barite deposition modelling in fractured rocks

Doctoral Thesis, Institut für Geowissenschaften, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Open access

M. Reinhardt
2022 13. October 2022

Two-step sintering of alumina nano-powders: A discrete element study

Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Vol 43, Issue 2, 501-509, Online October 13

B. Paredes-Goyes, A.M. Venkatesh, D. Jauffres, Ch.L. Martin
2022 30. September 2022

Framework for discovering porous materials: Structural hybridization and Bayesian optimization of conditional generative adversarial network

Digital Chemical Engineering, Vol 5, Online September 30, 100058, Open access

Y. Matsuda, S. Ookawara, T. Yasuda, S. Yoshikawa, H. Matsumoto
2022 29. September 2022

Deformation mechanism of Ni(O)–yttria-stabilized zirconia upon reduction and its effect on cell stress evolution in solid oxide fuel cells

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol 550, 232116

J. Tanaka, K. Sato, K. Yashiro, T. Kawada, T. Hashida
2022 24. September 2022

A comprehensive review of particle loading models of fibrous air filters

Journal of Aerosol Science, Vol 167, 106078, Open access

G. Berry, I. Beckman, H. Cho
2022 20. September 2022

Multiscale approach to determine the anisotropic mechanical properties of polyisocyanurate metal panels using FEM simulations

Mechanics of Materials, Vol 174, 104475

P. Gahlen, M. Stommel
2022 12. September 2022

Computational characterization of nonwoven fibrous materials: Transport and wetting properties

Doctoral Thesis, Open access, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Clemson University

F. Wang
2022 10. September 2022

Simulation of structure formation during drying of Lithium-ion battery electrodes using discrete element method

Advanced Science News - Energy Technology, 220074, Open access

M. Lippke, T. Ohnimus, Th. Heckmann, D. Ivanov, Ph. Scharfer, w. Schabel, C. Schilde, A. Kwade
2022 05. September 2022

Microstructurally resolved modeling of all solid-state batteries: Latest progresses, opportunities and challenges

Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, Volume 36, 101127, Open access

M. Alabdali, F.M. Zanotto, V. Viallet, V. Seznec, A.A. Franco
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