Digital Material Analysis with GeoDict

Cross-scale down to the nanometer scale

With the GeoDict modules for Material Analysis you determine and compute the geometric and structural properties of a material. The basis for the analysis are 3D models - generated from from 2D or 3D image data (µCT scans, FIB/SEM scans) or created with the GeoDict modules for Digital Material Design.

Depending on the type of material, the material analysis computes the proportion of solid materials (e.g. fibers, grains), binders or pore space, and determines properties such as diameter, orientation, or volume.

Artificial intelligence in the form of neural networks in GeoDict: Using existing or your own training data, you can train GeoDict to quickly and precisely characterize even very complex structures.

In combination with relevant modules from Simulation & Prediction, the realistic 3D model can be used to simulate and analyze physical properties such as flow velocity, permeability, effective elastic coefficients, and much more.

With a detailed understanding of material properties at the micro level, you can (further) develop materials in a targeted manner, but also evaluate and optimize production processes.

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GeoDict Modules for Material Analysis