Simulation of Oil Filtration

The challenge: efficient filtration at high temperatures and viscosities

Oil filtration is of great importance in many industries, as it removes dirt particles, water, and other impurities to extend the lifespan of the machines and ensure more efficient operation.

However, oil filtration also presents challenges: high operating temperatures, viscosities, and oil flow rates can put greater strain on filter media and affect filtration behavior.

Therefore, GeoDict offers various functions that allow for precise analysis and optimization of the filtration process from the micro to macro level. These functions include, among others:

  • Permeability determination
  • Single- and Multipass simulations according to ISO standard 16889
  • Individual particle size distribution
  • Multiscale simulations

GeoDict allows for precise simulation and optimization of the oil filtration process on various scales and media, making it possible to effectively achieve better filtration results and save costs.

With GeoDict, you can develop the oil filters of tomorrow!

Overview of GeoDict solution highlights

  • Direct 3rd-level support for filtration experts and developers
  • Eeasy permeability determination of structures
  • Single- and multipass simulations according to ISO 16889
  • Individual particle size distribution
  • Short computation times on a standard workstation
  • Automated parameter studies
  • State-of-the-Art solver for simulation and optimization
  • Modular software solution - customizable to your requirements
  • User-friendly and intuitive user interface

The GeoDict solution for oil filters

Besides GeoDict Base, the GeoDict package includes all necessary modules for research and development of oil filters.

Module recommendations

Image processing and analysis ImportGeo-Vol ImportGeo-CAD  
Characterization and analysis FiberFind-AI PoroDict + MatDict  
Modeling & Design FiberGeo WeaveGeo PleatGeo
Simulation & Prediction FlowDict FilterDict  

Which modules suit you best depends on the nature of your application.
Here are the recommended system requirements.

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