Consulting & Project Services

of Math2Market GmbH

With its GeoDict software, Math2Market GmbH is one of the leading providers of digital solutions in the field of materials analysis, research, and development. Reach out and benefit from the customized services provided by our expert team of mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, and computer scientists.

  1. An assisted software evaluation and validation with expert support gets you started with GeoDict for your project.
  2. Our training services then helps you to achieve initial results with GeoDict in an efficient and application-oriented manner.
  3. Our consulting experts provide long-term support for the implementation of these solutions for digital material development.
  4. Our development team implements new features, if required, and helps with automation of the digital development process.

We work intensively with research departments worldwide on future relevant topics in materials Research & Development. Take advantage of our technical expertise and many years of experience to test your own ideas in a R&D project and shape the materials of tomorrow with GeoDict!

You are interested? Our experts are at your disposal for more information!

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