Extend and customize GeoDict

GeoApps let's you seamlessly integrate and centrally control various functionalities within GeoDict and its modules. Whether researcher, engineer, scientist, or industry professional, GeoApps extend and customize your own digital material laboratory, leading to improved efficiency through optimized processes and customized workflows.

Create custom workflows specifically tailored to your needs and automate repeating processes, parameter studies, and simulation tasks in GeoDict.

GeoApps are a powerful tool to automate, simplify, and extend GeoDict's range of capabilities. They are written in Python programming language, with all the available functionality of the Python universe, such as SciPy, NumPy, etc..  A simpler automation of GeoDict was already possible through GeoPy, a Python extension in GeoDict. Repetitive tasks are automated through GeoPy - saving valuable time and reducing the risk of mistakes in parameter input.

GeoApps are easily accessed in the GeoDict installation folder and offer a user-friendly interface adapted to the GeoDict GUI, so that GeoDict users can effortlessly familiarize themselves with using and modifying the GeoApps.

Use pre-installed GeoApps in GeoDict

Math2Market currently ships over 50 different GeoApps with its installation routine, dealing with frequently requested workflows!
These GeoApps are sorted by:

  • Module GeoApps customize the corresponding module for a given application or workflow.
  • General GeoApps provide basic workflows, e.g., for visualization, for 3D image data quality control, or for microstructure characterization.
  • Application GeoApps provide customized workflows, often running several GeoDict modules and specifically designed for a given application, e.g., air filtration, batteries, digital rock physics, and many more.

Quick access to the GeoApps is found in the menu bar of the GeoDict GUI: Select the needed GeoApp, modify parameters in the GeoApp dialog, if necessary, and click to run the GeoApp.

More information on GeoApps is available in the GeoApps handbook and in the corresponding module handbooks, with comprehensive documentation of the features, functionalities, and usage.

Optimize a development workflow with your own GeoApps

Creating your own GeoApps, you can efficiently manage development workflows according to your needs! You can:

  • Automate workflows.
  • Simplify complex workflows with a user-friendly GUI.
  • Add individual functionality to the workflow through GeoPy and the complete functionality of the Python universe, e.g., SciPy, NumPy, etc..
  • Share GeoApps with work colleagues or the scientific community.

Simply create GeoApps through GeoPy! All steps executed in GeoDict by the user are automatically recorded as session macros. These Python macros might be edited and then appear as proprietary GeoApps in the GeoDict GUI under "My GeoApps".

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More Information

Excerpt from the User Meeting 2023 - presentation by M. Fingerle-Straß on the topic of "GeoApps and Math2Market Consulting & Project Services". Go to presentation