GeoDict Licenses

For the versatile fields of application of GeoDict, we offer a flexible range of licenses in order to provide an attractive price-performance ratio to our customers.

GeoDict is the complete solution for multi-scale digital research and development of materials in science and industry. The modular structure of GeoDict makes possible to adapt the software package to the customer requirements at any time and to find a customized solution for every application. All modules are completely integrated into GeoDict and, thus, guarantee a smooth simulation workflow.

The simulation requirements for the application of the customer are analyzed in a pay-for validation project that provides solution-oriented information on the best GeoDict configuration for you. Contact us about your particular material development or analysis needs!

Purchase of a GeoDict license

When purchasing a GeoDict license, a license package is built according to the requirements of the application. The license price depends on the selected license model, the modules included in the package, and the required computing speed.

We help in selecting a license package fitting your application and your working situation by choosing the most useful customizable combination of GeoDict modules. An overview of the available modules can be found here. Individual modules can be varied in a package at any time.

The following steps are helpful to select the options for your GeoDict-license.

1. Acquisition mode

Purchase: software license + 1-year maintenance contract* (maintenance extension is possible with a fee)

Leasing: software license + maintenance contract* for the agreed lease period according to the leasing contract

2. Usage mode

Flexible use - Floating license: free distribution of license(s) to all computers in the network; number of licenses = number of simultaneous users

Computer-bound use - Node-locked license: 1x computer per license

3. Customization of computing speed

Parallelization for maximum reduction of runtime for modeling and simulation tasks

GeoDict also enables computing on high-performance computing (HPC) clusters and in the Cloud. Math2Market provides comprehensive help and meaningful benchmarks for an optimal hardware scaling. Ask us!

4. GeoDict Validation

Start efficiently and purposefully with a validation project!

Validation license including technical support and access to our extensive training offers for variable time periods

* Maintenance contract includes updates, support, documentation, free participation at the annual GeoDict User Meeting

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Start efficiently with a validation project!

Want to see convincing results and customer-fitted simulation requirements before (or instead of) ordering?

Choose a pay-for-validation project run by Math2Market for your specific application. The validation project brings solution-oriented information on a GeoDict configuration that works for you.

GeoDict Validation

Validation license including technical support and access to our extensive training offers for variable time periods.

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