The following metadata belongs to a µCT dataset of young sea ice, the results of which are presented in this paper:

An X-ray Micro-tomographic Study of the Pore space, Permeability and Percolation threshold of Young Sea ice

Maus, S., Schneebeli, M., and Wiegmann, A.: An X-ray micro-tomographic study of the pore space, permeability and percolation threshold of young sea ice, The Cryosphere, 15, 4047–4072, 2021,

Dataset of µCT scans of young sea ice

The downloadable archive contains all scan data. Data collection, image processing, and analysis of metadata from sea ice are explained in the data description.

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The size of the archive file is 97 GB. The uncompressed data are about 40% larger.


Citation of dataset:

Maus S., Schneebeli M., Wiegmann A., 2021: X-ray microtomographic imagery of young sea ice from Adventfjorden, Math2Market GmbH, scan data,


Video of the vertical evolution of a horizontal cross section (3.6 x 7.2 mm) of the sea ice brine pore space over a vertical distance of 5.4 mm. The crossover from low to high porosity is accompanied by the close-off of pores when the necks reach a critical thickness slightly less than 0.1 mm (see the paper for details). Note that the video shows only a part of the cross section (typically 20 x 20 mm) analysed in this study, in order to emphasize the necking in a low porosity region.


Citation of  video (is also seen on the right):
Maus S., Schneebeli M., Wiegmann A., 2021: Vertical evolution of a horizontal cross section of the sea ice brine pore space, Math2Market GmbH, video


Sönke Maus   (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, NTNU, Norwegen)


Martin Schneebeli   (WSL-Institut für Schnee- und Lawinenforschung SLF, Schweiz),
Andreas Wiegmann   (Math2Market GmbH, Deutschland)

Published: June 17th, 2021
License: ODC-BY 1.0,