Competent Distributors Worldwide

The satisfaction and success of our clients are important for us!

With its headquarters in Germany, Math2Market GmbH supplies clients worldwide through its distributors in Japan, South Korea, China, Brazil, and Taiwan.

Math2Market GmbH is proud to offer timely and in-depth support to our clients, our distributors, and their clients. Intensive exchange of information, trainings and workshops for our clients and distributors ensure the transfer of know-how and the same high standard of service for GeoDict users worldwide.


SCSK Corporation

Tokio, Japan

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Tennessine Instrumentação Analítica

Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien

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Trinity Engineering

Seoul, Südkorea

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Pitotech Co., Ltd.

Changhua City, Taiwan

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Flight Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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