GeoDict for standardized results

Industry standards with GeoDict®

Industry standards

Standards are used worldwide to improve product quality, enhance health and safety, strengthen market access and trade, and to assure customers of the quality and performance of products.
A standard is a document detailing specific requirements for quality and consistency of materials in a wide range of industries.
During testing for standards materials must stand up to scientific criteria and, in the tests, the execution, evaluation and interpretation follow a fixed scheme. Accuracy, reproducibility and understandability play an important role for the results and the qualitative evaluation of the product.

Standards based on simulation software GeoDict

GeoDict is the first simulation software that meets all criteria for accurate and standardized tests.
GeoDict is used for material design, material analysis and material development, and its simulation results can be generated quickly and reproducibly.

Thinking ahead

Digital material design is a unique aspect of GeoDict and the right tool to take many material development workflows to the next level.
Initially complementary to laboratory testing, GeoDict advances now into being established as a reliable tool for non-destructive, repeated tests - and this instantly, without waiting for the manufacturing of prototypes.
This is innovation through simulation. Learn more here ...

ASTM International Standard

Standard Specification for Industrial Woven Wire Filter Cloth

ASTM International Standard

Standard Test Method for Bubble Point Pressure of Woven Wire Filter Cloth