Development of an innovative extension for the simulation of electret filter media in the FilterDict module

GeoDict is a powerful software package that has become widely recognized in recent years for its ability to simulate the behavior of mechanical filter media. GeoDict's unique advantages include its efficiency, speed, and the ability to run on standard computer hardware. This makes it an ideal tool to carry out parameter studies for the engineering of filter media and the optimization of their performance.

GeoDict's capabilities can be extended to include electret filters, which are widely used in many industries due to their high filtration efficiency. Electret filters operate on the principle of electrostatic attraction between charged fibers and particles. Special software tools, that are able to compute different charging and discharging mechanisms, are needed to reliably predict the behavior and performance of electret filters.

The ElekSim project is funded by the Central Innovation Program for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection (BMWK). The aim of ElekSim is to develop a new simulation environment specifically designed for electret filters within the project duration. This should enable a more efficient and precise optimization and engineering of filter media to meet the constantly growing requirements in filtration. In cooperation with the Institut für Umwelt & Energie, Technik & Analytik e.V. (IUTA) different loading conditions for particles and loading scenarios for fibers as well as discharge mechanisms by particles are implemented and validated.

Our project partners

Institut für Umwelt & Energie, Technik & Analytik e.V. (IUTA)

Start: June 2023
End: May 2025

Project members

Dr. Philipp Eichheimer,
Dr.-Ing. Mehdi Azimian,
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Weber,
Dr. Liping Cheng,
Dr. Dominik Michel

Project members

Dr. Stefan Schumacher,
Dipl.-Ing. Till van der Zwaag,
Dipl.-Ing. Eckhard Däuber,
Britta Schunke

Latest developments

Kick-off meeting for the ElekSim project

Exciting News: We're thrilled to announce that the ElekSim journey has officially started!

Kick-off for the ElekSim project

The publicly funded project to develop a simulation tool specifically designed for electret filters was approved.


We thank the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) for the ongoing funding under the funding code KK5480801 BR2