Creating & Modeling Filter Pleats


The PleatGeo module is used to generate single filter pleats, with free-varying pleat form.
The filter medium of the pleat can be composed of multiple layers, which may exhibit different values of permeability. The modeled pleats can include supporting meshes and supporting weaves.

The design of novel filters fitting the user’s requirements, e.g. achieving a decrease in pressure drop, is straightforward by changing as needed and quickly the pleat form and the support structures.

Examples of Applications

Modeling of:

  • Pleated air filter media
  • Pleated oil filter media

Examples of Applications

PleatGeo Features

PleatGeo allows to model pleated filters without or with support structures. The inner and/or outer support structures can be weaves (plain or twill) or meshes. Many parameters of the support structures, like the wire diameter, can be varied at will.

Additionally, the shape of the pleat is freely modifiable and the media of the pleat can be made of multiple layers to which different permeabilities can be assigned.

Additional modules needed?

  • The GeoDict Base package is needed for basic functionality.
  • ExportGeo-CAD: Export of 3D structures modeled with PleatGeo as surface triangulation (*.slt) for CAD programs
  • ExportGeo-Abaqus und ExportGeo-Fluent: Export of 3D structures modeled with PleatGeo as simulations with Fluent / Abaqus
  • The computation of flow properties and filtration properties is of great interest for3D pleat structures. These properties can be computed with the following GeoDict modules:
    • FlowDict: Flow resistivity, permeability, and pressure drop
    • FilterDict-Media and FilterDict-Element: Filter efficiency and filter life time